Welcome to the “new” blog

It's been a long time since I wrote in my blog. Initially it started as a way to share stories as we started up myTEAM TRIUMPH and invite people to get involved. As life has gotten busy, I've taken a pause. But, I've been thinking a lot of about starting up again and what I [...]


Boston Healing

  After 2013, the hurt was deep. When someone is taken from one end of the emotional spectrum to the opposite in a heartbeat, their life will change, and scars may last forever. I can tell you that as someone who ran last year and won't be there this year, there's closure that hasn't happened. I [...]

Lake Mills Trip

On friday, March 7th, Captain Joe Christianson and I traveled to Lake Mills to speak to the students in the district about our vision at myTEAM TRIUMPH and to provide a kick off to their Spread the Word to End the Word campaign! We were invited by mTT Angel and mother to Captain Isabelle, Tracey Guerrero.  Isabelle [...]

CP Telethon Walk/Run

CP Telethon Walk/RunFriends, on March 2nd I will take on a challenge I am definitely not trained for....a 60 mile ultra marathon as part of our CP Telethon Walk/Run that is a personal project I am doing as a member of the Board of Directors of the CP Center and also Executive Director of myTEAM [...]

Ironman 2013 training, here we go

The original inspiration for myTEAM TRIUMPH, came from seeing a You Tube video of Team Hoyt race in the Hawaii Ironman. When I saw it, I immediately put an Ironman on my bucket list and was moved by God to start the organization here in WI! Last year, I felt it was time to start [...]

Running Like Angels with the help of @Celliant

Not long after starting to put in big miles pushing and pulling Mary in training and races, I realized that I needed to take care of my body even more than I had before.  I payed close attention to my preparation and recovery the best I could.  In my estimation, the added resistance increases the [...]

Worth The Hurt

While out in San Francisco for the Worth The Hurt 52.4 Ultra-marathon, I was asked by media what I'm looking forward to the most about running the upcoming race. For me, it was about the people, the collective energy of 40 individuals who believe in servant leadership and the greatest form of love...sacrifice. This event [...]

Prayers Answered…Door County Half Ironman Report

I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself...endurance athletes know that their sweet spot is somewhere between burnout and lazy....but often much closer to burnout! Mary and the Captains of myTEAM TRIUMPH have moved me to my core and are all the inspiration I need to keep going in life and in the race. [...]

Team Jacob

I like to think of myself as a passionate but very steady individual when it comes to my emotions. I get very fired up about few things but when I do it's uncontainable.  This entire weekend was one of those times! I often think about how blessed I am to have the opportunity to serve [...]